social capitalism

50% of trading fees are passed on to selected charity organizations while entirely tax-deductable as costs

The auction house combines the pursuit of profit making with social commitment. How does this work? We have analysed the most used online auction platforms. Based on our results we developed charyTrade. What distinguishes charyTrade from all other online auction platforms? CharyTrade pays 50% of its fees to dedicated charity organizations. How does charytrade work? A special tax agreement with the Swiss Tax Authorities allows us to consider these donations as costs, in other words, all donations made to the charity organizations are fully tax-deductable. A real-time counter, that we call the CharyCounter shows the current donation level reached by all charyTrade users using the charyTrade platform. The buyer and the seller don`t have any aditional costs.

The charytrade-pilot produced 1.600 Euro

The charyTrade platform has been testetby a testgroup of approx. 130 users. The response we received was enormous (see testimonials below). The test phase produced about 1.600 EURO in donations which we passed on the three selected charyity organizations UNICEF, WWF and NCL Foundation. At the same charyTrade produced 1.600 EURO in fees, which remains in the company. We do believe in the charyTrade business model. Help us to start-up our business not only to support a social project but also to gain sustainable in the long run.

Everytime you trade on charyTrade you will help people in poverty

The variable costs are passed to national and international organizations. A national committee decides on the distribution of money. charyTrade has no impact on the use of money.


Udo Tessari
Idea and implementation

I had the idea for charyTrade in 1995.
Together with my friend Eduard I have implemented the idea in a successful test run. The very positive reaction of the people shows us that charyTrade can be a interesting and important business model.

Eduard Kimmich
Finance and Controlling

Behind every successful project lies a good merchant. Sustainability needs financing and controlling.

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